Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children Essay

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For the last few years, there has been an increase to the number of ailments that are suffered by children. It can be explained that the fact that these ailments mainly emanate from the lifestyle that the children are used; this implies that if the parents of the children are well versed on the ailments and how they can be avoided, there is a high chance that the prevalence rates of the lifestyle ailments among the children would be reduced. Childhood obesity can lead to many health problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes and many others. Many of those problems can be carried on to adult life and most of the time there is no way to reverse and have a healthier life back. Thus, because of the many problems child obesity can cause it is very important for parents to be to take action now in order to prevent their child to have serious problems while young as well later in life. Prior to discussing anything about childhood obesity, it is paramount to have a clear understanding of what childhood obesity entails. As explained by Davies and Fitzgerald (4), childhood obesity is a severe medical condition that normally affects children as well as the adults. On the other hand, Kopelman (4-8) has expounded childhood obesity as a condition where excess body fat tends to have negative impact to the health as well as a development of the child. From the two definitions, it can thus be explained that childhood obesity involves children being overweight, hence the reason body…

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