Essay on Childhood Obesity And Its Effect On Children

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In 2012, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. (cdc) Childhood Obesity is a pandemic that is swallowing the youth of America. These staggering statistics are direct correlations to the improper Parenting styles adopted by most American Families. Childhood Obesity targets those parents whom lack the proper knowledge and dedication to provide their children & themselves with a healthy lifestyle. In this day & age nutrient deficient food is plentiful and always within an arm’s reach. Providing the correct venues of knowledge and understanding can start the process of reducing the quantity of children suffering from Obesity.
Children are canvas onto which their parents paint on. Be it purposeful or not. At the basic level nutrient intake is most critical for a child’s growth. This responsibility falls directly onto the parents. Controlling the quantity & quality of food can drastically alter the development of a child. The quantity of food a child needs fluctuates at different ages and with the amount of activity the child partakes in. With more exercise and physical activity food quantity increases while more sedentary daily activity requires less food. Once parents address the quantity of food their children are eating they must look at the quality of it. This factor is equally important. Foods filled with high contents of fats and sugars are directly correlated to gaining weight. Children need foods ample in nutrients to support their…

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