Childhood Obesity And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity is growing very rapidly all over the place. Childhood obesity can go further to adulthood. Obesity cause different kinds of health problems such as, cardiovascular, metabolic, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. It has also psychological effects obese children lose their self-esteem, negative body image and depression and poor academic performance. There are many factors which make it grow more quickly. Unhealthy eating style, lack of physical activity is the main factors for obesity. Frequent consumption of high calorie foods like fast foods, fatty and sugary foods contribute to gain weight. Playing games and watching TV for long hours also prevent children from having regular physical activities. On this literature review different kinds of research study reviewed. These articles help to see the cause of obesity on children and its solution.
Literature Review
Marcus C,etal.(2016) they study about children eating behaviors and parental feeding practices. The study believes parent feeding knowledge is important for a child to prevent obesity. The study was done to examine children eating behavior, and parent feeding experience and brings solution. The study was done by sending two different questioners for 25 schools/preschools children and parents. The first questioner “Child Eating Behavior Questionnaire (CEBQ)” was set to study children eating behavior. Parental feeding practices, measured with the Child Feeding…

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