Childhood Is The Most Important Stage Of Human Life Essay

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Hectic Childhood Childhood is probably the most important stage of human life. To have a healthy childhood having both parents, civil is definitely an important part for having a healthy childhood. Through the course of my childhood I went through a lot. Not only did my parents get divorced when I was 5 years old but, they did not remain civil even after getting divorced. I love my parents with all my heart but, when I was a child they put me through a lot that a child should never have to go through. Leading up to their divorce life at home was awful. I had to witness nonstop arguing, physical abuse and a bunch of other stuff that I wish I never had to go through. Life for a child in a utopia is happy and perfect, unfortunately here on earth we can’t always expect that.

Today, unfortunately it is considered normal for people to get divorced. Today, if you hear someone tell you about how one of your friends recently got divorced you usually are not in shock. When I was 5 years old and I was told by my grandfather that my parents were going to be separate I was in shock. When I finally realized what this meant for me, (because I was 5) I literally cried and begged each of my parents to love each other again. As a young child I was unable to fully understand what this was going to lead to. In most cases it seems as if divorce eventually leads to a civil relationship. In my case, for my parents to this day they still are not even close to having a civil…

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