Childhood Attachment

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Attachment can be defined a number of ways and interpreted in many more ways. In general Psychology, the term attachment is used in reference to the relationship between an infant and its parents or caregiver. In layman’s terms, it would be described as how the infant or toddler reacts when its parents have left the room and how it is comforted, whether it is self-comfort or it cries until its parents return. In the African American household, knowledge of the different types of attachment are nonexistent. Infants and toddlers that have the tendency to cry whenever its parents leave the room are perceived to be spoiled, “ruined, and need to be exposed to other people besides its parents. Bessel Van Der Kolk refers to attachment and the effects …show more content…
In Chapter 7, he defined attachment and its different types as well as the signs of each type. My thoughts about the Van Der Kolk text is that he basically gave a proper name to everything I have witnessed in reference to how trauma alters a child’s entire perspective of the world around them and the attachment of children. I agree with everything he discussed. In reference to children and how trauma affects them, I agree with the fact that once the security and innocence is gone, it becomes hard for that child to return to being an innocent child without professional help. For example, once a child learns that the validity of Santa Claus, it becomes hard for the child to really enjoy the surprise of gifts on Christmas; I know it happened to me. In reference to the attachment of children, Van Der Kolk basically thoroughly defined, with examples, what I was taught in a previous class. In my previous class, we simply just learned the definition of each type of attachment, with only textbook examples. Van Der Kolk was able to define the types of attachment and provide everyday examples, which really brought it all together with me. It allowed me the ability to be able to refer to how my family reacts when a

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