Child Welfare Authorities Became Aware Of The Abuse, Neglect, And Social Isolation Of Susan

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On November 4th, 1970, Los Angeles child welfare authorities became aware of the abuse, neglect, and social isolation of Susan “Genie” Wiley. Authorities gave Susan the name Genie to protect her identity and privacy from the media and people who became fascinated by the young feral child. Upon further investigation, they discovered that Susan was thirteen years old and had been severely maltreated by her father her entire life. Susan’s father came to a conclusion early in her life that she was socially unfit, or “retarded’ and was ashamed of her. He hid her in the back bedroom of the Wiley home and kept her from neighbors, family, and friends. This left Susan unable to develop language skills learned from communicating and interacting with other people. She was taken away from her home and placed in the care of the state. The scientists and psychologists took this as an opportunity to test hypotheses and theories on language acquisition skills. Susan learned gradually, but because she was not exposed to early childhood language skills, she was not able to retain the information permanently. Even today in her late fifties, she is a ward of the state of California and has limited verbal skills. At initial assessment it is clear that Susan is in imminent danger of serious harm and should be immediately removed from her home. When Susan was discovered, she was wearing a diaper and was thought to be much younger than what she appeared. With further investigation of social…

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