Child Pageants Essay

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Waking up early to get ready, after weeks of rehearsal and spray tans, hours spent and hundreds of dollars on a short, sparkling dress and heels and at times revealing outfits. Kids are seated for hours to do hair and makeup, and last minute preparation, parents making sure they do not become impatient hand them a juice box to calm them down, however this is for a 5 year child is being forced to participate in pageants in order to make her parents happy and boastful that their child has won the “Grand Title” in a child pageant. Some parents, in order to win these prizes, have to hide their children’s imperfections with make-up, spray tans, and flippers (fake teeth) to make judges see them as a flawless. Parents entering their children in these …show more content…
Unlike some parents that allow kids to have hair spray, makeup and tans onto their developing bodies. Why is it okay to allow toddlers in to the pageant world, sexualizing their bodies by making them wear short dresses and heels? Allowing their children to be judged on their looks, opening them up to low self-esteem in their lives. Later leading to mental problems, as well as the amount of money spent on these events. When parents could with their kids outside playing and helping them learn, making friends, being a kid, not a doll to dress up and win a beauty …show more content…
With the influence of the entertainment industry showing beauty queens with full makeup and big hair these beauty pageants are a billion-dollar industry. Psychologist agree that having kids and young teens enter into activities that focus on a physical appearance can lead to a higher rate of teen or adult self- body image or self –worth. For some children whom participate into these beauty pageants at a young age usually retire at the beginning of their teens years due to their body self -esteem occurs, this toll could be with them till adulthood or life. Ph.D. Cartwright talks about “The Princess Syndrome” as she calls it as unrealistic expectations to be physically thin and beautiful she claims this is the heart of eating behaviors and body dissatisfaction. From Childhood Beauty, states Depression and low self-esteem are commonly found in youth that has participated in beauty pageants than those who haven’t those who have are around 21-27% with a form or depression or with low self-esteem. Children often feeling of ineffectiveness of their own self-image and wanting to strive for a thinner image. The media could be an influence towards these feelings as well due to the models and photos posted of photo shopped and

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