Essay on Child Marriage Is A Child

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Child Marriage I grew in Ethiopia, where a lot of people are struggling to get by everyday and also
Child marriage is practiced. I had a childhood friend that married at young age and also had baby at a young age. When we attend high school and our second or third year she got married before the age of the 17.For example, when she got pregnant she couldn’t jump rope with me and the other girls she was always tired and in pain. Marriage is what unites two people because they choose to be together and be committed to each other. All over the world people take part in child marriage.
Child marriage is girl or a boy marrying before the age of 18. I choose child marriage as my main topic because I found it interesting, that many people know the consequence of child marriage, yet they still practice it till this day. According to Girls Not Bide 15 million girls are married off every year most before the age of 18 and some before the age of 15. Child marriage is sad event that takes place, whether it is by free will or by force. The girl 's face so many problems, that they cannot handle. They face emotional, physical and mental problems because they marry at young age. So why is it that millions of girls are still getting married at young age? Some may find this reason realistic other may find it just simply foolish that these children get married for many reason traditional, gender roles, and poverty. I believe that child marriage is not good for the girl…

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