Ignorance Is Wrong Essay

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In a study, called “Child Fatalities from Religion-Motivated Medical Neglect”, it women and men who assist in birth are not properly trained, and no women can make decisions over their husbands’ choices, no matter what the choice is. (Hall,8)
Also, many times, people (children) are denied injury treatment or illness prevention because of this, such as when a child died of pneumonia, whereas another child had already died of the same disease years ago. The couple had clearly chosen faith healing, which had failed. The couple was convicted of manslaughter, and imprisoned. Another case, basicly, a small child was choking on a banana, and was still alive for several hours, but the parents simply prayed for the choking to stop, with some friends.
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Ignorance is a horrible enemy in the progress of society, such as the faith healing and anti-vax movement. These movements and ideologies are counterproductive to society, and they are still practiced, and need to surely be stopped. was shown that 172 children from many different religious sects in 34 states had succombed to illness (Asser). ”Faith Healing” practice is pseudoscientific, malicious, counterproductive, and bad for the whole of society. Also, it will be shown that laws do protect children from religious parents. But as a whole, Faith healing is completely unreliable and ineffective, however, people of fundamentalist religious faith still haphazardly practice it today.
First of all, there is some speculation to whether or not that this sort of “Medical Treatment” is actually effective at all. In this case, it is not, because there has been no single scientific study that has shown this method of “Treatment” to be at all effective, in fact, it is as pseudoscientific as the placebo effect (18, Skeptic News). The only sort of “Evidence” for this is in The Bible, which does not hold water, if you hold it up to the same standard of evidence as scientific studies. Further evidence will be dissected in a later

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