Child Care And Youth Development Essay

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One of the biggest concerns for new parents is teaching their children how to interact with others. For this, day care centers do wonderful things in teaching kids how to play nicely with others while learning to overcome not getting their way. Day care center manager, (Smith) says, “75% of children in daycare do better in acclimating to school”, which shows just how much this is true. By seeing these statistics, many new parents can come to grips with the fear of letting their children out into the world. Research has shown that consistent, developmental sound and emotional support has a positive effect on both children and families (“Child Trends Data”, 2013) in regards to the results child care is beneficial to cognitive language and social development. The research of the study of child care and youth development stated that children in daycare have higher cognitive scores and also larger vocabulary. (Loop, 2013) In the results it showed a greater chance of forming friendships and positive interactions with their mother (Loop, 2013). What the research also shows is that with day care the child has a better chance of learning language skills. Daycare allows an opportunity for the child to express themselves using words and building a vocabulary while doing it. Daycare workers increase this by giving books and activities that encourage greater use of vocabulary words. Motor development is also something that children learn at an early age. Daycare can help this by…

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