How To Write A Persuasive Essay On Child Beauty Pageants

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When it comes to childhood development, a child 's first years of life are the most important time to have them learn about happiness, love, and responsibility. Dressing a child up and letting them put make-up on is not the greatest way to raise a child. Child beauty pageants are becoming a growing trend in America. These beauty pageants set false rules on beauty, as they make children believe that they have to wear make- up, fake eyelashes, jewelry, hair extensions, fake nails, and other accessories, to feel beautiful. Children are way too young to be put through this type of competition. It is acceptable for teenagers and adults, but not for very young children or toddlers. Every child has their own natural beauty and they should not have the need to have anyone 's opinion on the way they look. Since girls only have a limited time to feel confident with themselves before society begins to criticize them, I believe that this time of development is …show more content…
They are being taught that make up is a "cover up," or used to make themselves look and feel flawless. This gives a message to girls that they have to be pretty for other people, rather than to express themselves with the personality they have. Competing overlooks are sending the wrong message to children, which tells them that they need to have the looks in order to succeed. As they compete in beauty pageants, they are judged by their appearance. Some of the judgments the children receive could be negative, and this is where the behavioral issues and emotional issues come along. Whoever does not win, the young girls would compare themselves to the girl who did win, which would lead to poor self- image and low self- esteem. This affects a child 's development because they would believe that looks are all that matters in a person of beauty and perfection, instead of their

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