Essay about Child Beauty Pageants Are Contests

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Lights, cameras flashing, outfit changes, hair spray, spray tans, long hours of practice.. Oh, and don 't forget the stage and music, props.. an adult photo shoot? Nope, children 's pageants... childrens. All of that seems that it 's kind of not age appropriate for a young girl. All those things sound more appropriate for an adult, yes? Theoretically, your child is standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, not to forget, media too, in skimpy clothes.. first thought is why? A 3-year old was dressed as a prostitute from a movie (Baik 2). Why? Blank stares and wide mouths probably would be the first response from people who agree that children should not be shown off like this. Some might even feel uncomfortable. Child beauty pageants are contests featuring contestants under sixteen years of age competing in different categories: dancing, acting, flirting with the crowd, walking, and numerous outfit changes, performing in front of a crowd for cash prizes. More than two million girls are competing in these beauty pageants every year in the United States alone. Of course, many different people have their own opinions on whether or not these pageants are a good idea or not for these children. As well as their different reasons. Placing young girls in beauty pageants is a bad thing because of all the health problems and sexualization these pageants perceive these young girls to be.
These young girls are forced by their parents to practice long hours everyday and are no…

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