Child Abuse : Neglect, Emotional, Physical And Sexual Essay

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Child Abuse is, “any form of physical, psychological, social, emotional or sexual maltreatment of a child whereby the survival, safety, self-esteem, growth and development of the child are endangered. There are four main types of child abuse: neglect, emotional, physical and sexual.” ( Child abuse happens more often than most people are aware of. Each year, there’s approximately 1.25 million American children abused. Child abuse is likely to cause permanent effects and scarcities (2,c). In 2010, 9.98 children per 1000 children were abused (2h). Culprits of child abuse are often connected with the child in some way. The abuser could be anyone the child knows, whether it’s from their own family or an individual within the neighborhood. Abuse can scar a child, especially when it comes from someone the victim trusts (1,b). This includes the child’s immediate family. Parents who abuse their children set a fearful atmosphere for their children (1,d). Abusers defend their actions of abuse. Individuals who abuse others believe it’s a mean of discipline and it will later assist the victim (1,c). Children who are abused grew up with a high chance of being unemployed or living with a low income (4b). Child abuse is connected to poverty, negative relationships and negative interactions.

There is a direct link between poverty and child abuse within society. Poverty plays a role in child abuse. For every 1% increase in the…

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