The Problem Of Child Abuse

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A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds(“Child”). Child abuse is a physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child(“Child Help”). Child abuse manifests in physical, mental and emotional symptoms that can greatly affect the child’s future. Child abuse is violating the child’s trust with the abuser (“Child”). If nobody puts a stop to child abuse, it will never end in the future.
Physical child abuse is a type of abuse that is involves: punching, kicking, beating, and sometimes burning. Physical abuse can tie with sexual abuse. Physical abuse is rarely accidental. Children get abused sometimes by a parent, a stranger, or a guardian that has been drinking or has a drinking problem. Usually someone can tell when a child is being
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These parents believe that spanking or punishing their children is not child abuse. To them, it is just them trying to “discipline” their children (“What”). They “discipline” their children because the have been acting up. Sometime these disciplines leave marks, which make some think the child is being abused at home (“What”). This can result in the child becoming too frightened of the parents and crying when it is time for them to go home (“What”). This “discipline” can also cause childhood trauma and affect the immune and nervous system (“What”). Disciplining a child does not always have to be harsh …show more content…
Some might even say that they do not need any help and they can handle it themselves. One child may believe that they can handle it themselves, but they can not. No child should try to handle being abused on their own. If a child can handle their abuser on their own, than they really are able to handle any problem that comes at them causing them to get abused ever again in their life.
People should get arrested for not getting help for the child. If people are an accessory to child abuse, they really need to be arrested. They should be arrested because they witnessed it but did not tell the police. A person that does that is definitely not smart or believe the child is not big abused. There are people like that in society today and they get arrested for being there while the child or children are getting abused and do not say anything.
Some children do not just get abused at home. Some get abused at school and do not tell their parents. The child might have a bully that messes with them everyday. The bully might beat them up or threaten them. The child that this happens to still does not tell a soul. Children that get abused need to learn how to not be scared of telling someone what is going on in their

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