Child Abuse Affects A Child's Life

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In this class we have disused and learned about many different things that can affect children’s development and growth. There are many different things that can have many different affects one children, but the one that stuck out to me the most is the affects the abuse have on children. Some people may think that it does not affect kids in the long run. Some people think that it happens when children are young so they do not remember it. One person that I talked with said that children are young and they do not understand what is going on so things that happen to them at a young age does not really matter. I think that children that are abused at any point in their lives it going to make them behind in their development, emotionally and mentally. …show more content…
Abuse can effect a person all the way into adult hood. According to Joseph Beitchman, Kenneth Zucker, Jane Hood, Granville DaCosta, Donna Akamn, and Erika Cassavia the writers of Child Abuse & Neglect “Adult women with a history of childhood sexual abuse show greater evidence of sexual disturbance or dysfunction, homosexual experiences in adolescence or adulthood, depression, and are more likely than nonabused women to be revictimized.” Child abuse can affect a child abuse in not just in their childhood but for the rest of their lives. It can affect their future relationships with other, it can make it hard for them to trust anyone ever again, and it can make it hard for a person to function normally in society. Abuse can have many long term effects on a person. Roland C. Summit wrote the article The child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome, in this article Summit talks about the way different types of copping behaviors that children that have been sexually abused use. Summit states in this article “the normal coping behavior of the child contradicts the entrenched beliefs and expectations typically held by adults, stigmatizing the child with charges of lying, manipulating or imagining from parents, courts and clinicians.” Summit also talks about how a child blames themselves for the abuse that was done to …show more content…
One of the top reasons that parents or caretakers abuse a child is over stress. There are some many stories out there about parents abusing a child over stress. One person I talked to told me a story about how her dad cheated on her mom for seventeen years with twenty-five different woman. The mother knew for fore od the seventeen years, and in that time the mother abuse three out of fore of her children. Another common reason that parents or caretakers abuse babies is because they get so fluster with the infant they do not know what else to do. A story I read the other day about a child who cried all of the time and some after a time the parents would heat up a bottle and give it to the baby. The hot bottle burned the childes throat, after a time the child just stopped crying all together, because the baby learned that crying would make something bad happen. In time DHS found out about this child and took him away and put him into foster care. The foster mom said it took 13 months for the child to cry after had got him. Although that child was small he still figured out that if he cried it was going to result in something

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