Side Effects Of Child Abuse

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Child Abuse and its Effects Think about this, a 5 or 6 year old girl living with her parents. For so long she had a good life, she didn 't have much but enough to live on. One day she came home from school and her parents are sitting at the kitchen table with an upset look on their face. The child’s dad just lost his job, now every night she can tell something is not right he is always drinking and yelling at her mother. She has the same routine every night do her homework and go to her room for the night. One night she decides not to go to her room after homework instead she helps her mom do the dishes. Her dad is yelling at her mom again over the same issues; money. She tells him to stop and the dad starts yelling at his daughter. The girl …show more content…
One day the daughter stands up for her mom and the dad hits his own daughter. The hitting was so bad, she wore up with horrible bruises all over her body. She goes to school and that morning and is to scared to tell people because she did not want people judging her for it. The physical abuse has gone on for quite some time now. Children who were abused in the foster care system often suffer from major side effects. On average 1,825 children in the United States are abused or neglected each day. Child abuse has many different types; physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect. One type of child abuse is physical abuse, which refers to hitting, kicking, or punching a child. “Domestic violence and abuse are …show more content…
Signs of physical abuse could be seen in marks on the body, for example bruises, welts, or cuts. Children who are physically abused will have frequent injuries or burn marks. “Physically maltreated children displayed greater difficulty during their foster care adjustment” (Marquis). Signs of emotional abuse could be excessively withdraw, fearful, or anxious that they are doing something wrong. The warning signs of a child who was sexual abused have issues walking or siting. They also get nervous when an adult even comes close to touching them. Signs of neglect could be that clothes are ill-fitting or inappropriate for the weather, a child could also be lacking food. If a child is lacking food they are probably majorly skinny.
“Child abuse is not always obvious. But by learning some of the common warning signs of abuse and neglect, you can catch the problem as early as possible and get both the child and the abuser the help that they need. Of course, Just because you spot a red flag doesn’t automatically mean a child is being abused. It’s important to dig deeper, looking for a pattern of abusive behavior and warning signs, if you notice something off” (Child Abuse & Neglect: Recognizing the Signs and Making a

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