The Importance Of Child Abuse Classes

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Child Abuse Classes
Many children are victims of child abuse in their lives. If a parent knew how to discipline and learn self-control, it would lower child abuse cases. All parents need to take child abuse classes once a child enters the school system. When the child is put into school the parent also would have to be present, so this would be the best time to start the classes. Parents and guardians would learn a lot and would help them to understand how to discipline. By learning the following things it will help parents have a better understanding of child abuse.
Some helpful things the parent would learn are that a child of young age doesn’t have the mental capacity big enough to care or make their own decisions (“Child Abuse Laws…”).
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Child abuse laws allow both misdemeanor and felony punishments (“Child Abuse Laws…”). These laws depend on what state the child and parent live in (“Changes…”). Parents will learn that assault is minor injuries like bruises, burns, or broken bones (“Child Abuse Laws…”). Learning this will make them realize that they need to be cautious and give appropriate discipline. They can get a misdemeanor conviction which causes jail time for a few days, months, or even up to a year (“Child Abuse Laws…). When a child is exposed to violence the guardian or parent can be charged with a misdemeanor (“Child Abuse Laws…”). A felony conviction can result to a sentence of ten years or more in prison (“Child Abuse Laws…”). When a child has been sexually abused by a parent or guardian, the adult is charged with a felony (“Child Abuse Laws…”). If not charged with a misdemeanor or felony; the adult can be put on probation for six months or up to a year (“Child Abuse Laws…”). Child abuse may result in a fine for the parent. These fines can get to be several of thousands of dollars; which is common but are different in each state (“Child Abuse Laws…”). Parent will find out that all parental rights can be limited or taken away completely (“Child Abuse …show more content…
During the classes not just the parents, but also the teachers will learn about the warning signs to abuse. They would have to know the signs of emotional abuse in the child. Signs would consist of seeing withdrawal, fear, or anxiety about doing a little thing wrong (“Child Abuse and…”). This would help if the child’s friend or classmate is in need of help. Emotional abuse consists of the child always being mad or hostile, doesn’t want to be by or doesn’t care about own parent, and if the child acts something other than their age (“Child Abuse and…”). If they learn hoe to watch for physical child abuse; it may save the child. Physical abuse consists of frequent injuries like: bruises, welts, and cuts (“Child Abuse and…”). Seeing that a child is more alert or on watch may be a sign (“Child Abuse and…”). Hand or belt marks mean the child had been beat (“Child Abuse and…”). If the child doesn’t want to go home or is afraid, abuse may be occurring in that home (“Child Abuse and…”). Inappropriate clothing may be an indicator that the child is hiding marks (“Child Abuse and…”). Neglect is hard for a child to go through, so seeing and knowing the signs and getting help is very important. Neglect can be easier to see. The child’s appearance may look dirty, or they might have un-fitting clothes (“Child Abuse and…”). A child’s injuries or illness may go untreated if the parent or

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