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everyday lives. Lastly, the most severe effect is death. “An average of nearly five children die every day as a result of child abuse or neglect” (Iannelli). I never thought that there were that many children that died from child abuse every day. It really puts things into perspective and really shows that something needs to be done about child abuse.
There are people out there who have tried to do things about child abuse. They have done things that help reduce child abuse, but nothing has really permanently worked to stop it from happening. For example, organizations have been made that help people recognize and stop child abuse. The International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) is one of those organizations.
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The staff could all get together and watch the video together, and then take a real quiz at the end about the video, and if they don’t get answers right, they should be required to watch the video and take the test again until they do. Assemblies could be arranged at school and work places. Schools could have assemblies at least once a year about child abuse to let the kids know that there are always people they can safely come and talk to no matter what the situation is. This could help children who feel alone or unsafe in an abusive situation come out and tell someone about the problem, and possibly save that child. Work places could have meetings about child abuse. Signs to look for and who to report things to if they have seen or been through abuse. Many teenagers have jobs, so if they are being abused, maybe it would make them come out and say it if they knew there was someone they could talk to, even if it is at their job. Anonymous chatrooms could be made. If the child doesn’t want to talk to someone about their situation in fear of their abuser hurting them as a result, an anonymous chat room could greatly benefit them and help them talk about what they’re going through. Talking to someone about the situation anonymously could also help the child gain the courage to talk to someone in person and get help. You never know. Even the smallest thing like a chat room could make a world of difference in a …show more content…
If you see signs of child abuse, report it. Ask someone to help that person and make sure they are okay and that they aren’t going through what you think they’re going through. Just saying something to an adult can make a world of difference in someone’s life. Child abuse signs aren’t the easiest thing to notice all the time, because each type of child abuse has different signs, and some people are good at hiding the signs. For example, signs of physical abuse include unexplained burns or bruises, clusters of bruises, welts or burns, and injuries on children where children don’t usually get injured. Sexual abuse signs are a little different. If the child has difficulty walking or sitting, they have torn, stained or bloody underclothing, or if they feel threatened by physical contact, they may be victims of sexual abuse. Emotional abuse is a little harder to recognize because it’s not physical, so there’s no bruises or burns to look for. It’s all a mental thing. If the child has speech disorders, an inability to play as most children do, sleeping problems, or anti-social behavior, they may be victims of emotional abuse. Neglect is probably the easiest abuse to recognize because the child isn’t being taken care of. If the child has lack of medical or dental care, is chronically dirty or unbathed, they have a lack of adequate school attendance, or they have a lack of proper nutrition, they are probably victims of

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