Effects Of Child Neglect

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Child neglect is a problem that every parent, guardian, or caregiver needs to understand more in-depth. It is important for every caregiver to be informed about because there are unnoticed actions being done with or without the intentions of doing so. It is capable to prevent these acts of neglect, but it is also difficult for parents, guardian, and caregivers to know what it can be. Child neglect has a negative lifetime effect and can take the form of lack of emotional and physical affection, failure to meet physical needs, and physical abuse.
Emotional and physical affections are ways to show affection towards a child to express their love towards them. Children learn behaviors through visual learning, ignorance, rejection, and languages.
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Not many caregivers’ find this as part of child neglect, because they feel education is part of society and not a requirement. Attending school is a requirement for children of ages six to eighteen. Some reasons he or she may not come to school is because of illness they have such as the cold, flu, bad cough, and fever. Illness is probably frequent because the caretaker is not giving them correct nutrition’s and doctor visits. Financial problems could be one reason why they have illness too, lack of health care can limit the source of medicine or not taking them to get checked up. Lastly, this leads to the next kind of neglect, physical …show more content…
Play is a way children can express their feelings, thoughts, ideas, emotions, and attitudes. When child abuse affects a child’s life, it changes their developmental behavior and social interaction. Child abuse includes physical abuse, emotional abuse or neglect, or sexual abuse. These are some factors that can have a negative effect causing a lifetime change. This abuse is commonly misused or abused because of the little knowledge that a child understands or develops over time. Most of the children who experience abuses are those from families who have high needs.
In conclusion, emotional and physical affection is a way to express affection to a child. It taught through visual learning and actions. Failure to meet physical needs is very important to provide for the child because he or she is counting on you to help them through life, it is a development progress caregivers can practice strive to do better, and physical abuse can change an innocent child’s perspective by traumatizing them for life. It is a process caregivers can learn to conquer over time. These three negative problems are lifetime effects that are commonly misused in child

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