Essay on Child Abuse And Physical Abuse

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Abuse is something everyone fears, and happens to many people. It has plagued humanity for centuries, and might not let up any time soon. People need to become more aware of it and learn the signs to see and possibly stop it.
One of the most common and known types of abuse is physical abuse. It is what we see on TV, what we have read about in books, or have even seen in real life. We Are Called to Rise deals with physical abuse. It comes up in at least two character’s stories; Bashkim and Nate. Bashkim’s father abuses his mother physically by “shaking her,” as he puts it, or “flipping the backs of his fingers” against her. “Flipping the backs of his fingers” sounds a lot like a backhand slap.
Immigrant women can face abuse just as easily as any woman can. Bashkim’s mother faced this daily because of her husband. He was a physical abuser more than mental. His mental abuses were mostly to keep them from being sent back to Albania, which is still inexcusable. He would tell her not to do things because they had to seem more American. His physical abuse did influence her mental state as well. When her husband was mad, she would “keep her elbows right close to her body” (McBride, 2014). That could suggest that her husband would grab her arm from time to time. It became a sort of defense mechanism so it would be harder to grab her arms.
While Bashkim’s father never left bruises on his wife, that doesn’t mean he did not harm her. Anyone with common sense would know not to leave…

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