Child Abuse And Neglect Case Study

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Objective 1

In this first part of the training, participants will discuss how child abuse and neglect affects all; we will also discuss what child abuse and neglect is and identify the four types of abuse and neglect.

Child Abuse is Contagious Activity

Before beginning the training, the trainer will ask few people in the audience and tell them they will have special instructions (see steps below).
Ask people to greet one another. Encourage them to get out of their seat, walk around, and shake hands with five or more other people. As they shake hands, they should say to each other "Child abuse is wrong!"

The trainer will tell the audience that a few people will not say it they will say “I am abuse” and they will give you some bandages.
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Next the trainer will ask the participants to look at (HANDOUTS #1 A&B) as the trainer gives a short lecture what child abuse and neglect is, how

The trainer will highlight the following:

According to Pinto & Schub, (2014) The United States Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act defines child abuse as any intentional act or failure to act by a parent or caretaker that results in a child’s death, serious physical or emotional harm, or sexual abuse or exploitation (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2003). Each state defines categories of child maltreatment--formerly referred to as abuse and neglect (Child Maltreatment, 2013)--(e.g., physical, sexual, emotional, neglect) differently.

Neglect is defined as failure to provide for a child’s basic needs including physical, educational, and emotional needs.

Effects of Child Abuse and
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The trainer will also inform participants that they will have a short group discussion at the end and ask that they reserve comments till the end.

Types of Child Abuse and Neglect Activity

After the videos the group will be asked to break into small groups for the following activity.

Each group will receive four (4) paper plates (each will be label with Physical; Emotional; Sexual abuse or Neglect) and a stack of Types of Child Abuse and Neglect Activity cards (SEE APPENDIX A). The group will sort the cards on the proper plate. Answers will be shared in large group.

Assessment/Evaluation of Outcome

The trainer will assess the participants’ knowledge of what child abuse is and the types of abuse by group discussion; Child Abuse is Contagious Activity; and the Types of Child Abuse and Neglect Activity.

Time and Sequence

Introduction= Five (5) minutes
Child Abuse is Contagious Activity= Ten (10) minutes
Short lecture and Group discussion on Child Abuse/Neglect and types = Ten minutes (10) minutes
Types of Neglect and Abuse Video= Five (5) minutes
Types of Child Abuse and Neglect Activity= Fifteen (15) minutes
Total time/ Objective 1= (45)

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