The Importance Of Child Abuse Prevention

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Working as a school counselor in an elementary can become quite overwhelming at times At school the importance of abuse prevention is always publicized to the students whether it be by skits performed at school which incorporate the significance that abuse should not be tolerated anywhere and by anyone. Apart from skits being performed theirs also a series of books and pamphlets shown and passed around to he kids at school. The reason that this is done is so that god forbids they ever experience an abuse they feel comfortable and safe to want to talk to someone about it.
In the case of twin siblings Johan and Joann it is safe to file a child abuse report. It has been brought to my attention by staff and teachers that they are in danger living
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As counselors and service workers we will help advocate for our clients and make them feel safe. Family violence is when an individual encounters abuse within the household not only physical abuse but verbal or psychological as well. As a counselor some indicators that should be aware of when assessing a child and his or her family can include isolation and self-esteem problems. Children often feel as if they have no one to go to in a time of violence or abuse. They often feel or are threatened. Since they feel like they cant speak out because they don’t feel safe they often isolate them self’s. Child abuse does not occur in a public environment. Children who are molested are told to keep the act secret, or they will be punished (Wallace 2013). This often makes the child feel as if they can’t talk to anyone and they become anti-social and it’s just easier for them not to talk to anyone because they are so frightened. That could be one of the reasons that Joann and Johan never spoke out about their abuse, but thanks to the teacher reporting it now the kids can get help and they don’t have to feel …show more content…
Teach them proper skills of dealing with conflict, when dealing with family and their children. Encouraging the parents to talk to their children about the rules at home and the consequences that there might be if they are not followed practices the Family systems theory. This way when the kids are reprehended it doesn’t catch them off guard they were already warned with the consequences. Most importantly the main concept is communication is key. Making sure that both siblings acquire the counseling they need to be able to talk to someone regarding the trauma they have experience with their father, this can range from physical, verbal and psychological abuse. Theirs different groups that help kids cope with their abuse, by attending group sessions so that the way don’t feel alone and they get to know people their own age and know that they are not in this

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