Child Abuse And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Numerous of children in America either encounter corporal punishment or child abuse in their childhood. Corporal punishment is defined as the constrained use of physical force by a caregiver to preserve the concept of discipline. Nonetheless, child abuse is delineated by harm to a child that can be in any form of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect and abandonment. However, the problem in America is that an abundant amount of people have a strenuous time of recognizing the difference between child abuse and punishment that is for teaching moral behavior. Many parents have a perception that spanking their child is not considered to be child abuse due to the concept of discipline; however any abuse that includes of physically, emotionally, or even sexually that is composed intentionally by a caregiver is child maltreatment.
Moreover, the history of child abuse has been acknowledged to have negative outcomes. Child maltreatment has been known to have occurred for a long period of time that has affected many children. Researchers portray that child abuse is most likely as “old as childhood itself” (Cecil). Nonetheless, it has been around for years throughout “history and across cultures” (Korbin). Yet, even though the application of child abuse has been around for so long, it is declared that this problem has not reached the surface and public until the “1960s and 1970s” in Europe and America (Korbin). Due to this, it demonstrates that this concept was not arguable and…

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