Chihuahua Food

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Because Chihuahuas eat such a small amount of food, it is essential that the food they do eat is packed with nutrition. There is less margin for error with a small dog's diet than there is with a large dog. Since small dogs eat less, they have fewer opportunities to nourish themselves. Some foods that humans enjoy eating can be toxic to dogs. Chihuahua owners should avoid feeding their dogs foods that contain chocolate, onions and garlic. Even small amounts of these foods can result in severe illness or death. Dog food recipes all include cooked meat, starches, and vegetables. Chihuahua owners can easily prepare dog food in their own kitchens. Making your own dog food ensures that your dog's food is fresh and safe.

The saying is as true in the animal kingdom as it is with humans: "You are what you
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These foods are less toxic to Chihuahuas than chocolate, but there is no reason to risk your pet's health by feeding it foods that are easily avoided like raw onions and garlic.

Some Chihuahua owners elect to cook and prepare all of their dog's food on their own instead of feeding the dog commercial dog food. Proper food is such an important part of Chihuahua nutrition that these owners feel like it's worth the effort to know what is in their dog's food. Some owners eat only organic food themselves, and they want to their dogs to enjoy the same organic experience.

Dog food is simple to make. The best dog foods include a meat protein, a starch, and a vegetable. By combining these three elements, any owner can make home-cooked meals for their Chihuahua. All ingredients should be cooked before feeding them to your dog. Lean beef, pork, fowl, or lamb should be grilled, sautéed, or roasted and rice, potatoes, or noodles can be boiled or steamed. When it comes to vegetables, Chihuahuas prefer sweet choices like carrots and peas. Cooked food should be cooled completely before feeding it to your

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