Chemical Weapons Of The Great War Essay

around the world where fascinated by these unseen monsters, but they would not fully step into the light until The Great War. When looking back at history, most will agree that The Great War changed the art of war. Airplanes, firebombing, automated weaponry, and trenches changed the way humanity saw war. It was only fitting that during this time of upheaval that chemical weapons to have their moment.
Though it is often thought that the Germans were the first to use chemical weapons during World War I, but that is simply not the case. The title of first nation to use chemical weapons actually belongs to the French. During the first month of the war, August 1914, the French repeatedly used tear gas filled grenades on the German soldiers. Albeit
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German military leaders where worried though, they believed that Haber’s gas was nothing more than a publicity stunt and would end up humiliating the German forces. Eventually Haber was able to convince one commander on the Western front to allow him the opportunity. After receiving his approval, Haber promptly left for the battle lines to oversee the placement of 5,730 cylinders near the four miles of trenches that stood guard outside of the Belgian city of Ypres. [12] Unfortunately for Haber, he had to wait for weeks until he could finally see his work in action. This wait was caused by the cylinders one weakness, it could only dispense gas in the direction the wind was blowing, making Haber wait until the wind came out of the Northeast. Finally on April 22, 1915 the wind finally came to and Haber was able to show his achievements to the world. The French soldiers inside the trenches where immodestly met with violent nausea and faintness, followed shortly thereafter by utter collapse. When the German infantry followed behind they meet no resistance and swiftly gained control of Ypres in what became known as the Second Battle of Ypres. [12] In total over 1,100 allied soldiers where killed by Haber’s chlorine gas. Shockingly enough German support for chemical weapons skyrocketed. The allies, after recovering from the shock of a chemical weapons of such magnitude, began their own research; and the chemical arms race

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