Chemical Weapons During World War I Essay

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around the world where fascinated by these unseen monsters, but they would not fully step into the light until The Great War. When looking back at history, most will agree that The Great War changed the art of war. Airplanes, firebombing, automated weaponry, and trenches changed the way humanity saw war. It was only fitting that during this time of upheaval that chemical weapons to have their moment.
Though it is often thought that the Germans were the first to use chemical weapons during World War I, but that is simply not the case. The title of first nation to use chemical weapons actually belongs to the French. During the first month of the war, August 1914, the French repeatedly used tear gas filled grenades on the German soldiers. Albeit it was only tear gas, but none the less France still receives the title. Germany though, was the first nation to begin serious research and development of military grade chemical weapons. Germany’s first use of chemical weapons came during the Battle of Bolimo in January 1915 against the Russians. During the battle German soldiers fired 18,000 modified artillery shells at the Russians, each containing seven pounds of xylyl bromide. In what alter became known as a humiliating defeat for the Germans, the gas sunk harmlessly into the ground and in some instance even came back into the German encampments. This was primarily caused by the cold Polish weather which prevented an effective aerosol attack. A similar defeat came at the…

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