Chemical Reaction : Chemical Reactions Essay

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Chemical Reaction A Chemical Reaction is when there is change from physical reaction to nuclear reaction. In chemical reaction, there is also a change of a chemical substance to another, which in that case is the change to one or more productions. It 's when a substance changes and when you combine chemicals or mix them, you 'll most likely create a new one, not always but most of the time it will. Cooking food always involves a chemical reaction. It could be from baking a cake by mixing the ingredients and making a new substance to something as big as a nuclear explosion. There are five types of chemical reactions; they 're Synthesis, Decomposition, Single Replacement, Double Replacement, and Combustion. These are the main reactants in chemical reactions overall. Note that not all reactions fit in uniquely into only one category. Wilbraham, Stanley, Matta, Waterman 2015, “Every minute of the day chemical reactions take place inside you and around you” and “after a meal, a series of chemicals reactions take place as your body digestes food”. We use chemical reactions everyday not just in a lab. You can easily predict products that are likely to form. When we cook, the reactions of the food react because of what you put and mix in the ingredients. Aerobic cellular, a reaction with oxygen. With rust, cleaning, medicine, making fire, and even when you breath, it 's everywhere around us at all times.

A Chemical Reaction is when there is change from physical reaction…

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