Essay on Cheating in Relationships

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Annette Homewood
Informative Speech #2
Saddleback College

TOPIC: Cheating in Relationships

GENERAL PURPOSE: To answer common inquiries about cheating

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To arm individuals with insight and knowledge as to why people cheat and what one can do to lessen the chances of cheating occurring in a relationship

THESIS: The more one is aware of the prevalence of cheating and how it occurs, the better preventive steps one can take toward creating a more secure relationship, and a better relationship in general.


I. How many of you have ever cheated or been cheated on in a relationship? (attention getter)

A. From regretful one-night stands to individuals who seek multiple affairs over
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e) Thus, the central role of commitment helps explain why a seemingly happy partner may be unfaithful (i.e. low investment and/or the appearance of an attractive alternative) and why an unhappy partner may be faithful (i.e. he/she has too much to lose and/or no one with whom to be unfaithful).

f) Highly committed individuals are greatly concerned with the well-being of their partner, more protective of their investments, and more likely to focus on the long-term ramifications of their decisions.

TRANSITION: So, what are a few things one can do to maintain a high level of commitment in the relationship?

III. There are some simple behaviors that will increase commitment.

A. Mainly, communicate that you are committed through acts that bring about positive reciprocity and build trust.

1. Author of The Truth About Cheating, marriage therapist M. Gary Neuman says that hormones activated in your brain control the desire to form close ties, keep your mate close and competition far away.

a) In men, it’s vasopressin and in women oxytocin, and they activate bonding centers in your brain, making you feel attached and protective.

b) Neuman says to boost intimacy bonding, commit to making five small intimacy gestures throughout the day (e.g. hug, kiss, e-mail, text).

c) As your partner

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