Chartism Dbq

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What is Chartism?

Chartism is a term commonly used in modern times to refer to a historical political movement which existed from 1838 to 1848. This movement derived from a political document which enforced equity in the workforce. Their aim was to plan a protest which would increase the wages for men and promote other economic benefits for the public. The people who were involved in the Chartism presented three consecutive petitions to Parliament in 1839, 1842 and 1848, but each of these were rejected.

How did it start?

As the Chartism movement was beginning to dominate life in Britain, people were also looking for other ways to protect their wages. During the time period of 1838, a group that were involved in the Trade Union demanded a representative for their case. The followers of the Chartism movement were called Chartists as they formed the ‘People’s Charter’. The Chartism’s aim was to give men the right to vote and stop the wealthy from dominating the political houses.

How did it end?
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The plan was to deliver the document from Parliament to the Kennington Common in London after a previous peaceful meeting. The Government sent a military force to combat the crowd. However, most people state that there were less people than expected that attended this meeting with the parliament. This demonstration was considered a failure of the petition and the rejection of the last Chartism petition promoted the beginning of the end of Chartism. Although the Chartist movement abruptly ended without achieving its ultimate aims, many of the political claims that were raised and argued were also included in later reforms in the 19th

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