Progressive Era Dbq

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The years from 1901-1921 were known as the Progressive Era. During this time, many reforms and ideas began to take place, restarting America domestically and internationally. When observing this period, it is important to realize the large impact that the accomplishments of the presidents of the era had on their nation and constituents. When ranking the “progressiveness” of these men, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson, it is necessary to look at their accomplishments in two fields. These fields of domestic factors pertaining to social, political, and economic reforms; as well as foreign affairs made up of military and diplomatic factors.
Before exploring the progressive merits of the Presidents of the years 1901-1921,
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Wilson enacted the Seamen’s act, which still today is referred to as the “sailor’s Magna Carta”2. The Act accomplished much in the field, specifically in the category of safety and workmen’s rights. Although mere deliberation, some believe that Wilson passed this act not to benefit the common man sailor, but businessmen because of the efficiency such an Act would create. Under Wilson’s leadership, the Workmen’s Compensation Act of 1916 was also passed, which allowed for limited insurance for injured and unemployed federal employees. The act accomplished this by providing bi-weekly or monthly payments to those out of work, which allowed for them to purchase food and necessary supplies. Beyond assisting these government workers, the Act also set a precedent for injury and unemployment insurance across the nation. During this time, the Adamson Eight-Hour Act of 1916 was passed. This piece of legislation provided an eight-hour work day for railway workers, with any additional work requiring additional pay. Much like the Workmen’s Compensation Act, this bill also set a precedent for the rest of the nation, consequently, many other industries soon established an eight-hour work day. Finally, and quite possibly the most important, Wilson allowed for the establishment of women’s suffrage in 1920, with the 19th …show more content…
President Wilson should be awarded the title of most progressive in the category of domestic issues because of the sheer number of reforms that were established under his leadership. These reforms also had the biggest impact on the greatest number of the population and would affect the American People for generations, creating an excellent base for future reforms to be built upon. Next, in the line of most progressive presidents concerning domestic issues comes Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt earned this spot because of his position as second by the number of reforms that were passed under his presidency, as well as his decision to continue to check trusts and big corporations, an important move for a leader of his time. Last in the line of “progressiveness” concerning the domestic sector comes President Taft because of the few policies he created the mild impact these legislations had on the American People. It is important to note that President Taft’s lack of reforms is understandable for he only had one term while Roosevelt and Wilson posed two. However, the number of reforms he passed per term compared to the other presidents is still lacking

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