Essay on Charles Murray 's Are Too Many People Going For College

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Charles Murray’s “Are Too Many People Going to College” makes key points as to why so many students now go away to college and why they should consider not attending the four years of continued education. Murray discusses many aspects such as why so many students feel the need to further their education, when to focus on the liberal arts in a child 's education, and whether all students have the mental capacity to attend college. He then questions if acquiring a degree is necessary for all jobs and comments on the labels that come with not pursuing a higher education
To begin with, Murray suggests that a liberal arts education should be taught to students at a young age and should be the foundation of their education. He points out that young children easily absorb the information and the core knowledge found in a liberal arts education is a necessity for all functioning adults, Murray reminds us that “memorizing is something that children do much, much better than adults” (236). With these courses being taught in the younger grades, specifically K-8, the students should obtain enough knowledge to function in the adult world, but still have the chance to expand their knowledge in what Murray thinks should be optional courses in high-school and college.
Murray also voices his opinion that too many students are attending college; he states that many of the students do not have the mental capacity to achieve the degree they want. To prove his point that too many students who,…

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