Essay on Charles Darwin 's Life And Life

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Charles Darwin’s early life was much similar than that of any child from England. He was born in Shrewsbury, England, on February 12, 1809. He had six additional siblings, him being the second of the youngest. Darwin was born into the bloodline of many well-known, brilliant scientists. Including his father who was Dr. R. W. Darwin and his grandfather Dr. Erasmus Darwin. He experienced the life of growing up rich and privileged. Unfortunately, his mother passed when he was only at the age of eight years old. She starting getting ill and shortly died later from stomach cancer. This greatly influenced him later on in his life and the decisions he would make. (Charles Darwin Biography, 16 November 2015) Eventually, Charles Darwin had to decide what would be his course in life. At the age of sixteen, he went to Edinburgh university alongside his brother, Erasmus. A couple years after that he changed schools and enrolled at Christ’s College which, was located in Cambridge, where he graduated in 1881 with a bachelor in arts. Dr. R. W. Darwin had high hopes that his son would become a medical doctor, as was he. Charles Darwin hated blood and had a different path in his mind that coincided with his love of natural history. This path would start with the HMS Beagle.
The HMS Beagle is what started the discovery that Darwin found. The Beagle was the boat that Charles Darwin took on his voyage, which was a five year trip around the world. Captain Robert FitzRoy was the man that lead…

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