Charles Darwin University Case Study

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Charles Darwin University (CDU) is providing its education facilities since long time to the national as well as international student with the wide ranges of subject and faculties for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels. It is also a large direct and indirect employment opportunities provider of Australia. Over 30,000 students are currently enrolled which includes both national and international students and the number is increasing year by year. It has its campuses all over the Australia and in some other countries as well, and university contact centers in major places all over the world in which large number of employees are working with it university profile(University profile 2015). As like other organizations Charles Darwin …show more content…
Employees union and students union both can be found in any university. Employees union in the university mainly affects in the various parts of the HRM functions. (Christine M. Wickens 2008) describes that working condition and job satisfaction are the major two areas of the Human Resource Management function which is directly affected by Unionization in university.
Office of Human Resource Services (HRS) is currently operating union in the Charles Darwin University which mainly looks after the improvement and proper implementation of occupational health and safety, salaries of the workers and payroll, recruitment of new staff as well as training and development of existing staff, and relations between the staffs of CDU (OHRS 2015).
Hence, HRS seems to be affecting in the requirement and selection, employee work health and safety of CDU. The first human resource function affecting by union in CDU is recruitment on the new employees. In this the CDU’s human resource department cannot hire the new university staff without consulting with HRS. Also the most important part is that this union keeps pressurizing university for making the working environment favorable for the
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Hence in the scenario of higher unemployment level, Charles Darwin University can get higher number of application for the job and they have to set recruitment process differently so that, talented candidate get selected. And in that case the recruitment process will be lengthy and may include extra more employees. So it will increase the cost of recruitment. In the other situation i.e. lower unemployment level the process will be exactly negative one as

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