Essay on Charles Barkley Advocacy For Police

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Charles Barkley advocacy for Police in Baltimore:
One of the most intriguing stories that has been brought to our attention within the last couple weeks, is the speech Charles Barkley gave in a church about how he favors the police. Now, take in mind that Charles Barkley is in the basketball hall of fame for his spectacular play during his career. However, once retired, Barkley has started to become more involved with trying to change communities across the United States. With this being said, Barkley’s hour long speech did not go as planned. Barkley arrived in Baltimore forty eight hours before his scheduled appearance. During this time he met with families of victims, talked with police, and even did a couple ride-alongs. However, his words rubbed people the wrong way. Barkley says that, “America discriminates against poor people, whether you 're black, white, or hispanic. Poor people are dealt a crappy hand”(). Barkley does have a point when he says this. It is in our human nature to belittle others who do not have the same things as us. Meanwhile, Barkleys advocacy for the police is really what set people off. People began to mumble words and speak out against Barkley during his speech. When asked by a reporter after the speech, one audience member said that, “Barkley did not come here to listen to us. I was hoping to hear something or feel something different, and I did not” (Gray-Hopkins). Even with all the uprising in the crowd, Barkley kept his cool. After his…

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