Charles Armstead And His Life Essay

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Who said you needed legs to win a competition? Who said a wheelchair keeps you from achieving your goal? Can you believe someone without a leg won a gold medal? This man competed in the wounded warrior competition, representing the army, and came home with a gold medal. This man’s name is Charles Armstead he grew up in Needville, Texas and he joined the army in 1995. He was shot point blank in the stomach in Iraq one day. Here you will learn all about Charles Armstead and his life My wounded warrior hero is Charles Armstead. He was born 1977 May 9th. He grew up in Needville Texas. He states that he lived a normal childhood with a loving family. He went to school in Needville High School. His hobbies are playing basketball and racing. He became a military hero because he saw other military people and he wanted to be just like them. He enlisted in the military in 1995. He was enlisted and was not an officer. He was in the military for about 15 years. His highest ranks sergeant 1st class. He served in the army. He was a soldier. He went to Afghanistan. This is Charles Armstead’s military service He was injured in May 2, 2009. He was in Iraq in a war when he got injured. He was in Iraq in a war when he got injured. He was serving in the army SFC, Charles Armstead was shot point blank in the stomach and the bullet shattered his hip leg to the amputation of his right leg up to his pelvis. He lost his right leg and had to be in a wheelchair for…

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