Charismatic Leadership As A Charismatic Leader Essay

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According to Garrow, E., & Hasenfield, Y. “Charismatic leadership (Conger &Kanungo, 1998) will be briefly discuss here as a prelude to a full discussion of current well- developed models of leadership, some of which includes elements of charismatic leadership. A charismatic leader is powerful role model who reveal competence and confidence, articulates goals, and communicates high expectancy (Northouse, 2004), p. 172). Charismatic leaders promote the development of trust and can influence followers to a new vision through self- sacrifice, risk talking, and a concern for followers. It should also be noted that charismatic leadership is hazardous: Power can be misused, and followers can become inappropriately dependent upon a charismatic leader (Yukl, 2006, pp.250, 262). Also, as noted by Collins 92001), successful leaders do not need to be strongly charismatic in the traditional sense of “larger than life heroes” such as Lee Iacocca at Chrysler (pp.28-30). In fact, his research found that leadership attributes included a “paradoxical blend” of humility and a fearless determination to succeed, concluding that “Charisma can be as much a liability as an asset, as the strength of your leadership personality can deter people from bringing you the brutal facts” (p.89). The challenge here seems to be to reveal the characteristics noted without displaying an oversized personal presence, which puts more weight on the person than the organization.”…

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