Essay about Charde Gaulle Airport Terminal 2e Case

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Project Management Group Project
Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E Project

3. Failure 4.1. What went wrong? * The construction process was rushed and there were many safety concerns. It was reported that a large lamp actually fell to the ground during their inspection. (BBC News, 2005) * Inauguration was delayed for 1 week (failed to receive a safety certificate). Was opened in 2003. * A section of the vaulted roof (20mx30m) collapsed on May 23, 2004 (only 11 months after its opening), killed four and injured three.
Results of failure (for ADP): * Financial losses for ADP when the terminal was not in operation, and huge costs to repair/ rebuilt the terminal. * Terminal 2E was built at a total cost
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(Downey, 2005) * The concrete beams on which the shell rested were weakened by the passage of ventilation ducts. (Downey, 2005) * The design did not take into account the fact that thermal expansion happened upon the outer metal structure. (On the morning of the collapse, the temperature dropped sharply from 25 during the week to 4 degree Celsius.) (Downey, 2005) * Construction problems? * During construction, problems were recorded with the construction of the columns supporting the vaults. The concourse’s construction was stopped for several months as “they had some serious cracks in the columns”. (Reina, 2004) * Procedural/ administrative errors: * Lack of a detailed analysis and design checking procedure. In the case of Terminal 2E, “no detailed, independent analysis was done to check design models” (Reina, 2005). * Administrative procedures: the terminal was designed and constructed by the same organization. The organization in charge of the project has the overall decision allows errors. * All procedures, including administrative ones were not suited (??? from below, not quite understand). (Reina, 2005)
The technical investigation, led by former national

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