Wizard Of Oz Scene Analysis

ichelle Geiszler
1. In this particular play there are four major settings/scenes. The first is known as The Unknown Place in Oz, which is at the beginning and is right when Dorothy comes out of her house feeling, confused not knowing where she is. I play the North Witch during the first scene and the last scene as well. My specific relationship to the first scene is that I am happy because the evil witch is dead due to Dorothy’s house. My mood is positive while welcoming Dorothy into the country of Oz, and my emotions are happy. The second scene is at the palace in Emerald City, where they have all come to find the wizard. During this scene I play the Guard who opens up the door to see Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion. My relationship
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The Witch of the West and North Witch. The Witch of the West is mean as the North Witch is a lot nicer. Man one and Woman one who are in the beginning when Dorothy comes out of the house. Some more important characters are the Scarecrow, who wants a brain, Tin Man who was a heart to feel emotions, and the Lion who wants to get courage. I am the North Witch and the Guard at the Emerald City. I have absolutely no dislikes for the characters I have decided to play. I am simply taking these roles and making them fun for my group and I. I enjoy having a good heart and being able to be tough and look mean and strong when I need to be. I am the north witch and I interact with the man one and woman one at the beginning and then I see Dorothy off to Kansas at the end of the last scene. My relationship to Dorothy is strong; I am the one who helps her find her way to get back to her home in Kansas. As the guard I am said to be mean and tough and huge, but really I am small with a good set of muscles on my body. As the Guard I have the best relationship to the Wizard because I guard the Palace he appears in. To everyone else I am just the guard who wants to know what they are doing here and who sent

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