Characters And Characterization Of Victor Frankenstein And The Modern Prometheus's Frankenstein

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Characters and Characterization
Although the novel Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus portrays a number of characters, one should always keep in mind that all characters are not real-life persons; rather, they are constructed people who are represented in the narrative. For this reason, are two major characters worth describing and analyzing: Victor Frankenstein and the creature.
Victor Frankenstein
First and foremost, as the title alludes to his name, Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist of the novel. As he is one of the three first person narrators, he is mostly described indirectly by other characters such as Robert Walton. Each reader therefore has to draw an individual conclusion after reading his thoughts and feelings. Some features
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As abovementioned, although there is a lack of a detailed description of Victor’s physical appearance, he is described like a real-life person with background information about his childhood, personality and motives. Moreover, he is a dynamic character who undergoes a development throughout the narrative. In the beginning, he is defined as a young scientist who was obsessed with creating a new species; however, he rejects and abandons the creature as he notices his terrible-looking feature. Eventually, he decides to seek revenge against his creation as it murdered every person he truly …show more content…
Due to the fact that many people misuse and misplace the name of Frankenstein for the creation nowadays, it is very important to emphasize that the created being is not given a name. Instead, it is called with various names that mostly contain negative meanings such as “creature”, “monster”, “demon”, “wretch”, “fiend”, “devil”, being” or simply “it”.
Including Frankenstein, the monster is characterized explicitly by the witnesses of its height and ugliness. As it is created through connecting various parts of cadavers, the monster appears to be deformed horrifying. QUOTE
Additionally, the nameless creature can be analyzed as a dynamic character. At first, it was not able to speak at all; however, it starts to learn how to read and write by itself. Despite its appearance, the creature develops psychologically and intellectually as it shows lots of interest as well as in nature and knowledge. QUOTE (self educ)
Abandoned right after its creation, the monster struggles with solitude and feels constantly isolated but hopes that one day, it will belong to a human society. QUOTE (that he was made with human parts) However, his hope backfires, as he approached the Lecays and gets beaten up by them. QUOTE Also, a few sensitive characteristics can be found. QUOTE (alluding to

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