Characteristics Of Trickster Tales

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There are many qualities that make a character in a story a trickster. Some of these qualities include Humorous/Clownish elements, Uses of Anthropomorphism, and the characters use of Brain over Brawn. All three of these qualities need to be demonstrated in the three Trickster Tales provided, as well as the other qualities that are not mentioned. All three of the characters, Anansi, Master Cat, and Coyote, possess each of these qualities. The use of humorous/clownish elements is in all trickster tales, which the trickster uses to his advantage. First, in “How Stories Came to Earth,” Anansi tricks the other characters by stating, “Fool, I am taking you to pay for the sky-god’s stories.” For instance, the trickster, Anansi, fools the leopard …show more content…
An example of anthropomorphism is “Don't be upset master, just get me a pouch, and have a pair of boots...”. The cat in ,”Master Cat, or Puss in Boots,” states that he will need a poach, boots and unquoted cape. The cat is given human qualities as he is going to wear a pouch, boots, and a cape, and not to mention the fact that he also has the human quality of speech as he is talking to Marquis de Carabas so that he can acquire the attire of which he is portrayed in. Another example of anthropomorphism is in the short story ,”Coyote Steals Fire,” Coyote says “lets play a game of dice.” Coyote is expressing anthropomorphism in two ways as he is speaking to thunder(another character in the story) and by the fact that he is going to play dice.Anthropomorphism is alo used in the short story ,”How Stories Came to Earth,” as the narrator states that Anansi was “something looking more like a wise old man than a spider.” Anthropomorphism in the character of Anansi is stated in the story by the fact that he is walking like an old man would walk more than what a spider would look like when it is walking. Although many trickster tales have different settings, characters, and plots, they can be put under the same category due to the many using

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