Nelson Mandela's Leadership Qualities

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Leadership Essay
Many rulers have many different types of qualities in how they ruled their own empire. These types of qualities can make a rally good ruler or make him into a selfish ruler. For example, Suleiman the magnificent is a ruler who ruled Istanbul during the 1453. He was well known as a great ruler who cared about his people. As a ruler he was really strategic and had confidence in his army that they could win against any empires in wars. Also, Suleiman motivated his army by taking part in battles that not many rulers would risk losing their life's in participate in battles. In the article "Suleiman the Magnificent" it talks about how Suleiman was a great leader and also a great worrier, participating in battles that normally leaders
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Nelson Mandela was really persistent about fighting the rights of the black Africans. He witness how black Africans were discriminated in all aspects of life and knew something had to change and that change meant to run for president. In the article "Nelson Mandela Inaugurated of South Africa" talks about the struggles Nelson Mandela had to overcome to bring justice to the black Africans. He spent some years of his life in a prison cell for protesting about the mistreatment of black Africans. But that did not stop him from protesting, "...Klerk's plan was to release of Mandela from prison, where he had been for 27 years... White South Africans ruled the country, and blacks South Africans suffered discrimination in all aspects of their lives. Mandela used every opportunity he had to speak out against the injustice of white domination". In the darkest moments Mandela did not lost faith in getting justice for the black Africans. He did many good things for his people and started the healing process that a nation needed it to make a prosperous nation and worth investing on. Mandela did everything he could do to fight the rights of black Africans even if it meant he had to go to jail for a long time. Even at the darks moments Mandela did not loss his will to fight for the rights of the black Africans showing good traits of a

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