Essay On Nelson Mandela Hero's Journey

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Hero's journey paper - Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest political powers that the world will ever know that spent his entire life fighting for racial equality throughout the world and was eventually successful with what he believed in, however he had a few problems along the way. Because of his want to do good in the world and make it a better place where each person is not judged on their race, I believe that he is a hero. My definition of a hero is, a person that fights for what is right in the world to make it a better place and to help people along the way. Nelson Mandela was brought up into an African clan called the Madiba clan, in the small village of Qunu "He was born at Wunu, near Umtata on July 1918"( Nelsons father was the 'chief' of the clan. As a son of a chief, Nelson had access to the best education available to black people in South Africa at the time, however when in
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A community of people form Sharpville, a peaceful crowd gathered to protest against the passed laws and wanted a reform was interrupted by the police. They used excess force and opened fire onto the crowd of peaceful innocent people, sixty nine people were killed for trying to get equality." On 21 March 1960 police killed 69 unarmed people in a protest in Sharpeville against the pass laws."( Later, the nationalist government imposed martial law. If you were against the nationalists views, you were put in jail and tried with treason. When it became clear to Nelson Mandela that peaceful negotiation with the government was not enough, he went 'underground' and left the country to lead the armed struggle and wanted to show that the government was not to shoot defenceless people with opposing views. What could be classed as terrorist attacks upon key political places were started to try and bring down the

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