Characteristics Of My Life

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Introduction Everyone has a personality, weak or strong. Our personality is formed around our environment. A person young to old has been influenced by their environment through the way they developed their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Through the development of a person’s life they form their personality. From the day that they were born until the day that die everyone will remember a quality about that person.
Positive and Negative Traits In my life I have some positive and some negative traits. My positive traits are I can see both sides of any situation, I am creative, and I like to try new things. My negative traits are I procrastinate, I have terrible handwriting, and I worry about events or things that could go wrong in
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Honestly I am still trying to figure out how I became the person that I am today. I grew up in a Christian Methodist family, therefore I believe in God and that Jesus is his son. When I was younger I was confused about my life style, mainly because I would go to church and learn about good things, and then go to school and hear or learn how other people live their life good or bad. It is also confusing to me because as I grew into a young adult I was able to see why my family chose to go to church and to teach me good values about life. Furthermore, in my family I am the youngest of two sisters, so my personality was somewhat based around being the youngest and seeing or looking up to my elders. There are multiple events in my life when I have questioned life in general. On account of being a Christian I have had coincidence moments in my life. The overall summary of those events or moments would be that I could pray for anything and that prayer would be answered, but I would not know when, where, or how. For example, my dog Bella went missing for two months and I prayed that she would come back. I thought she was dead or someone took her waiting to see if we would give a reward for her, but that day that I put everything into my belief that she was coming back she did. I was in the shower and my sister was banging on the door saying that someone was here and it was my dog Bella. This and a few other personal events …show more content…
According to “Human Metrics,” I have two personality types Introverted iNtuitive Thinking and Judging (INTJ) and Introvert iNtuitive Feeling and Judging (INFJ). The description of the INTJ was accurate about me being a perfectionist and my personality has a “seemingly endless capacity for improving upon anything that takes their interest” (“INTJ,” n.d.). In the “INFJ” article it explained that “INFJs are deeply concerned about their relations with individuals as well as the state of humanity at large” (“INFJ,” n.d.). I would agree with this statement because I am always fascinated about people and I like to learn as much as I can from them. I did not like the “Human Metrics” personality test because it gave me two personality types and I feel like it was not reliable, as the other personality tests that I took, which gave me one type that I could focus on. The second test I took was the “Zodiac Signs Personality Test” on the website “Queendom,” this personality test described me to be the zodiac sign of Aries. I was surprised to see that my “Defining Traits” were “Extroversion, Resilience, Ambition, and Initiative,” although I know how to say these words I did not know there true meaning. I was especially shocked to see that the test said I was an extrovert because I know I am an introvert. I learned that maybe I can be an extrovert it just takes more effort for me to be more outgoing. I thought both of

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