Characteristics Of Freight Forwarder

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The above study was aimed at studying the different roles and characteristics of a freight forwarder in today’s environment. Proper handling, maintenance and complying of the necessary compliances is an important function to be performed by any exporter or an importer. The role of a freight forwarder comes to picture in displaying the necessary complimentary requirements involved in international trade.
Hence, it is clear that a freight forwarder performs the following functions in an international trade transaction.
 Documentary requirements
 Transportation arrangements
 Customs requirements
 Negotiating with inter-related parties in trade
 Statutory compliances
 Safety requirements
 Monitoring function
 Storage and maintenance
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Freight forwarders possess the required expertize in the field. Freight agents work hand in hand along with the transportation parties, regulatory authorities, customs handling agents, security agents, marine agents etc., with the help of which they look after the entire cycle involved in trade, be it import or export.
These are some work to be done in a trading environment. Sometimes, these can turn out to be huge in number such that each and every aspect needs to be taken care of properly and carefully. A mismatch between any two functions shall give scope for issues that might make it complicated to process any trade transaction.
Freight forwarder is one such person who can handle things in the way needed by any firm. It is the job of a freight forwarder to look after the tasks in a way that meets the expectations of the market, at the same time being in accordance with the regulatory framework devised for the purpose.
With the skill and knowledge in the field of international trade and good hold over the related parties in trade, a freight forwarder is able to look after all the transactions involved from start till the end in a trade environment.
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With the growth in the globalization, the need for efficient and smooth complying and arrangement for transporting goods is increasing.
Freight forwarding as a profession holds challenge in getting through all the above stated requirements that have become a compulsion in today’s trade environment.
Freight forwarding as a job is turning out into an interesting venture with a huge need for the services of an agent possessive of the above mentioned skills and knowledge required to be performed in the field.
There holds immense scope for any individual involved in an export- import trade transaction as this is something that has a lot to do in getting the work done with establishment of various links that constitute an equally important part of the

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