Characteristics Of Coast Range Or Coastal Mountains

Register to read the introduction… British Columbia, Idaho Plateau, Great
Basin, Colorado and Mexico Plateau are situated from north to south in the region between the Rocky and the Central Mountains.
2.The Eastern Highlands : This highland covers Greenland. Island in the north, Labrador Plateau and New England highland at the middle and the
Appalachian highland extending almost upto Florida Island in the south.
3.The Central Plain Region : This is the largest region. This area covers about three-fifth of the total area of North America. This extends from the
Arctic Ocean in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south and is located just at the central part of the east and west highlands. The central part is slightly high and gradually slopes towards the north and south coasts. The Lake Region of North America is situated to the north and the Mississippi Basin to the south of this plain.
4.The Highlands of Central America : The portion between Mexico and
South America is known as Central America. The Mexican plateau is situated to the north of this region. The southern part of Cordillera i.e. the East and
West Sierra Madre is the main physiographic characteristics of this region.
There are a few volcanoes in this mountainous region. Nicaragua is
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Besides, iron ore is also found in Mexico.
Gold : Gold is mined in Ontario and Quebec provinces of Canada, and Alaska,
California, South Dakota and Utah States of the U.S.A.
Silver : Silver lifted up from Mexico, USA and Canda
Other Minerals : In North America other important mineral goods are platinum coper, lead, Zink, Asbestes and limestone etc.
North America is a industrialized continent, reasons behind the prosperous industrialization of this continent are raw metirials and plenty of energy, enough capital, favourable climate, developed transportation and communication, system developed voccational education, goverment petronisation. But because of the scarcity of different facilities, Canada and
Mexico are still lagging behind in this sector. The main industry in North
America are iron and steel, cotton textile industry, Car building industry, shipbuilding industry and paper industry etc. The discription of all the industry are given below:
Iron and Steel Industries : The U.S.A. of this continent is developed in iron and steel industry. The principal iron and steel industries are located in
Chicago-Garry region on the coast of Lake Michigan, Erie Lake region,

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