Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

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Register to read the introduction… This section describes the characteristics and various terms related to cloud computing. Cloud computing uses the virtualization concept. The cloud computing differentiates the storage and computation from original software. That is, it stores the major software on network server which can include data, procedures or system program also, and user interface will be used just for accessing these cloud services. Talking about the characteristics of cloud as per literature, they can be enlisted as resource poling, on demand self-services, broad network access, measured services [2]. A large amount of easily accessible resources can be configured dynamically to share and load to provide optimized resource utilization. Cloud computing gives on demand network access for example servers, storage, services and applications that can be rapidly provided and released after provision with minimal management efforts involved. Cloud capabilities are available in the internet and can be accessed using mobile phones. The one of the major important characteristic of cloud computing is pay as per use base. This implies according to utilization we will pay means if we utilize more we will need to pay more money. The cloud services can be measured controlled depending on the usage of the cloud resources providing transparency for both provider and user also. This cloud model is associated with majorly three service models namely cloud software as service, cloud platform as a service, cloud infrastructure as a service and four deployment models namely public cloud, private cloud, community cloud and hybrid cloud. 2.1.1. Service Models Now a day many of the internet providers, IT providers and also telecommunication operators are learning towards cloud computing and launching their own services. They are provide different services available along …show more content…
In this framework they mentioned solutions provided for data transmitted between components. In the given frame work, there is no need to apply the same security level for all data transmitted between the components. Moreover, according to user requirement choose the security level. To reduce the mobile energy consumption users will select security level .SMC (secure mobile cloud framework) has used to give the following features: to attain the integrity of an application at setup and to secure the communication between the same application components between components running on the mobile side and those running on cloud and between the components running only in cloud. Given architecture has to be able adapt the security services according to the user needs, device characteristics and user context. SMC framework has several components running in the cloud and on mobile: SMC has 5 kinds of managers. Manager Mobile manager Description Mobile manager collects data and events that are available on mobile side and then it send to appropriate manager to be analyzed. Both contain security properties. Mobile security manager ensure security properties of mobile and cloud security manager ensure security properties of cloud. it sends information collected from sensors

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