Characteristics Of A Twisted Hero

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My freshman year of highschool; and I was in my first ever AP course. I was taking AP Human Geography taught by Mr. Johnson. I first enjoyed the class and then my effort diminished as the year went on; all he wanted me to do was my homework. Don’t get mistaken me, he was a great teacher, but his methods were foreign to me. Also, I was rarely allowed to go to the bathroom. Although he was a rough teacher, I thought of it more as a fun competition to prove who is better. Not only did I try to beat him with test questions or ignore him, but also he would keep preparing me by giving more work. Finally, it was July 6, so I checked what I scored on the test. I passed and I was jumping for joy. The first thing I thought was I can’t wait to rub …show more content…
Some attributes of a twisted hero would be intimidating, fierce, powerful, brutal, competitive and genius. A twisted hero's methods aren’t always appreciated, but may be significant later. For instance, some of our football coaches can be very harsh and mean. They prepare us for not only situations that could happen, but they also make sure we develop as men so we are ready to be successful on our own. Another example from my past was when my uncle was making fun of me because I couldn’t ride a bike. He was more powerful than me, so fighting him wasn’t an option. I began to love his hatred and was motivated on his harassment. Then when I surprised him, he wasn't surprised. Therefore, I realize that it was a way to motivate myself to do better because he had the power over me. Not only are their twisted heroes in the modern day world, but also there are twisted heroes from the …show more content…
The British empire had control of thirteen tiny colonies. The colonies didn’t have the manpower to overtake the British immediately. Over time the British oppressed the colonies with taxes and tariffs. The colonies became sick of oppression and then unified as a nation to fight the British empire.The colonies won and got the result that they wanted. They made sure that the British knew not to mess with them. This connects to a twisted hero because the British caused pain and oppression to the colonies to the point where they unified and built the courage to go against an empire. Although that is not what the British intended this could be viewed as a twisted hero from the colonies viewpoint. This still applies to the definition because there was a harsh process, but in the end it paid off.
In a book we read called Our Twisted Hero by Yi Munyol. The narrator talks about how Om is harsh to the boys, but he gets the best results in the school. This fits into the definition because Om has a brutal process, but in the end he produces excellent results. In this quote Om says, “It won’t do, there are stains there still. Clean them again” (Munyol 65). Sokdae also says, “That’s fly shit there, isn’t it? Clean them again and clean the dust in this corner” (Munyol 66). Here we see that Om is pushing a boy, named Han, until he receives the results that won’t hurt his

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