Why Colonists Want To Rebel Essay

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Imagine you were living in a time where you were controlled by an outside governing body and you are being taxed and your rights are being taken away. Then there is one event that pushes you over the edge and makes your fellow colonist want to rebel. The British did many things to the colonist that made the colonist want to rebel against the British and to start their own government. The colonist had many great reasons to leave the control of England and to become its own independent country where they could then make their own government. They were often taxed heavily by the British. The British made many acts which allowed the British government to gain money through taxes from the colonist for no specific reason. The Colonist often would …show more content…
This was not always their plan. The British often treated the colonist poorly. The British would tax the colonist even though they were not personally represented in the British parliament. The colonists were also forced to pay the Stamp Act, which required the colonist to purchase a stamp for all printed goods. The colonist believed that they were being mistreated by the English because they were being forced to pay these taxes. The colonist also lost many of their rights due to the Townshend Act which allowed English soldiers to search any colonist for contraband. Even though there were many reasons that the colonist withdrew from the British and started the American Revolutionary War. I believe that it is because the British would tax the colonist so heavily. The colonists were fighting an uphill battle because the British forces were so strong and had the resources needed for this type of battle while the colonist had little to nothing. But there was one thing that allowed the colonist to win the war and this was that they all had the same idea and this was the common thought of freedom. This thought is what made them come together to win their independence. Even though the American revolution happened many years ago, it still has an impact in our society

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