Character Analysis: The Talented Mr. Ripley

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The need to escape to Greenleaf's world has brought in him overlooking the sound of his own voice. This is based on the idea that Ripley has entered further and more profound into his second personality Greenleaf, so much that it has practically influenced him to lose himself totally. He stops this since he knows it won't profit him on the off chance that he loses himself. Ripley has become so required with green leaf it needs to prompt him overlooking his own personality and prompting a misguided feeling of self. Grann himself states, “For a moment, Bourdin fantasized he was about to become part of a real family, but halfway to America he began to “freak out,” as Carey puts it, trembling and sweating...he thought the plane was going to crash, …show more content…
Ripley is a story about an imposter named Tom Ripley who feels the need to change his identity to someone completely different from him to escape and avoid his past. To do this, Ripley devises an arrangement to murder and take a man's personality to get away from his own. His past was extremely disgraceful, and having this new personality will enable him to escape it without an issue. As it were, shrewd sociopaths will do what it with no regret or blame to get what they need, to con and trick their casualties. They encounter lack of concern while going about in their lives, driving them to con artistry(Konnikova, 2017). Ripley represents a major psychopath because he was able to murder Greenleaf with no remorse or guilt and assume control simply and quick. Ripley also leads them to believe he is someone completely different from him. He truly had no remorse for taking his identity and making it his own. Intelligence is important in classifying Tom Ripley as a good con artist. The amount of intelligence needed to copy and imitate a person's day-to-day life, actions, voice, and even handwriting, shows the effort Ripley put into escaping his past self to become Greenleaf. This persistence and determination show his shame of his childhood. Why would he go to the point of murder in order to change his identity? In other words, Konnikova trusts stories assume a noteworthy part in cons. They envelop every one of the thoughts swindlers would like to conjure and take out feelings to get what they need. Stories from the past or children’s childhoods are for the most part irritating and exceptionally abandoned due to specific conditions. These stories may appear to be immaterial, yet they assume a greater part without perusers knowing(Konnikova, 2017). The story Ripley has are for covering his tracks, his past, and his shame. Looking into Ripley's stories, more can be comprehended about him, particularly his exceptionally restrained sexuality circumstance. In

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