Character Analysis: The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Goodbye Old Sport The Great Gatsby has a satisfactory ending because it displays the true identities of the characters. Tom and Daisy are people who leave their problems for others to clean up. Gatsby truly loves Daisy and is a hard-working fellow. Gatsby’s friends are nothing more than mere acquaintances, except for the man from the library; this man sees Gatsby for the man he was behind the wealth. In the end, Nick is Gatsby’s only true friend. Nick believes Gatsby was better than Jordan, Tom, and Daisy. I like Nick and agree he is Gatsby’s only friend. He was the only person who cared for Gatsby after his death and tries to plan a decent funeral for his friend. It angers me that no one else makes an attempt to attend Gatsby’s funeral because Gatsby has given so much to his community. It is depressing that only a few people showed up to Gatsby’s funeral, and that Daisy did not have the decency to show up even though they loved each other. Even though Gatsby had much potential and success down the road, his death brings him peace with his love life. Gatsby was hung over Daisy for five years and believes he could regain his lost time with Daisy. He believes he could step back into …show more content…
Since she is loyal to Tom, Gatsby ends up dying because Tom tells George false information. I think that Tom and Daisy are selfish people. They only care about themselves, their status, and wealth. They both take off and leave all of a sudden after Gatsby’s death without informing any of their friends. They escape from their problems and leave their mess for others to fix. I think this is selfish and childish. Tom and Daisy have no respect or concern for their friends, and care only for their well-being. Daisy is not worthy of Gatsby’s love! I am ashamed of her decision. Although it is the social norm in Daisy’s society to stay with Tom, I believe Daisy should have trusted her instincts and chose

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